Prevent Common Tire Failures

Although we don’t usually spend much time thinking about our vehicles’ tires, even tiny tire defects can cause devastating accidents. It is a driver’s responsibility to properly maintain his or her tires so in order to prevent these common failures. Sadly, though, you cannot predict manufacturer’s defects, which can also result in tragic wrecks.  Do you want to learn more? Visit tire store Killeen.

First, one of the most important parts of tire maintenance is making sure your tire is properly inflated. Both underinflation and overinflation can cause tire damage. When you are checking your tires, first look for the tag that lists your optimum tire pressure. This sticker is often inside the door frame or on the door itself. If you increase your pressure above this point, you may increase fuel economy, but you can also experience a harsher, bouncier ride. At the same time, this overinflation can put more stress on the walls of your tire, making them susceptible to damage from things like potholes and uneven pavement.

Underinflation, on the other hand, causes the sidewalls of the tire to flex more than is safe. This can lead to a blowout. Thus, even slow tire leaks can gradually decrease your air pressure and the strength of your tire, leading to accidents.

Next, you should also watch the speed at which you travel. High rates of speed contribute to lots of wear on tires, and the increased friction can quickly wear down your tread. If you travel at high rates of speed for long amounts of time, such as for lots of highway travel, you should make sure that your tires are rated for higher amounts of speed.

Also, tires support the weight of your vehicle. Thus, some tire failures can come from overloading. If you are packing up your vehicle, make sure that your tires are rated to carry this heavy weight. Too much pressure can weaken your tires, making them susceptible to blowouts.