Flat Tire Remedy

Fixing a flat tire is as easy as changing shoes as long as one has the proper tools to conduct it. Essentially, these are the basic items needed: two to three tire irons, inner tube or tube repair kit, baby powder and an air pump. With these items, sure the tire-changing endeavor will be a success. The first thing to carry out is to glide the tire iron beneath the edge of the tire by means of a levering stroke; it should be done across the wheel from the internal tube valve. The ends should be attached to a spine that starts from the identical side of the core. This procedure should be repeated with second tire; the tire rim should be spoked down on the same area of it.

After doing that, the rest of the tire should be unzippered using the index finger. The gap that is produced by the tire iron between the rim and tire should be pushed by the fingernails. If it can done by using the finger, a third tire iron can do the job; it loosens the tire up to an adequate amount of let the finger slip under it. When this is completed, placing a mark on the tire corresponding to where the inner tube valve is located. Then take away the inner tube by gliding it out of the tire.

With the pump, the inner tube should be pumped with enough pressure to be able to find the hole in the inner tube. Then find the section of the tire, which corresponds to the hole in the inner tube by aligning with the mark on the tire. When this is done, there is need to find any penetration objects that may be inside or lodged in the tire especially in the area that is punctured; the fingers can be used to such. If there are any foreign bodies inside, then remove it to avoid another puncture. The patch kit should be used to mend the inner tube or replacement of the inner tube can be done; pump the inner tube with enough air to leave to wrinkles.

If the flat is not trail side, then baby powder can be used. It should be spread on both sides of the tire and the tube’s entire surface. Although this is not necessary, but the strength with which the inner tube pushes alongside the tire is a ground for it to stick like superglue. With the baby powder, it prevents severe bonding and makes the inner tube easier to remove. Now, the tube should be placed into the tire making sure that the tube doesn’t bunch up.