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  • Why Mobile Friendly Websites Matter

    Ten years ago, the biggest mistake a company could made is not being online. Today that same mistake is not being mobile. So by not being mobile means having a website that isn’t fully optimized display well on mobile devices.

    We all know the effect when we visit a website and it just won’t load properly on our phone. That’s an absolute killer for user experience and unfortunately it’s a killer for sales. So the key takeaway for any business is that mobile is now here.

    1 of 4 visitor of your website are browsing from a mobile device. If you’re running any social media promotions, over 60% of all click from twitter or facebook are coming from a mobile device. If your doing email marketing, around half of all your marketing emails are being opened, read and clicked on by smart phones.

    Having a bad mobile experience can cause you customers. On a recent survey Google published, they showed that 57% of customers wouldn’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site. There are actually huge benefits that come of mobile as well.

    One key benefit is how action oriented mobile users are. Desktop users tend to be prizing, maybe comparing you to competitors or just doing some general research. But if somebody search for coffee shops on a mobile, it means that they are interested in purchasing coffee now or today.
    If your site is optimized for mobile, it can take advantage of the growing number of customers who are doing action oriented searches today for local businesses like yours.

    If you have a small website, the next best step is to do some research on responsive design and mobile friendly websites. If your a larger website, you may not need to tackle the whole thing in one go. Instead of making the entire site mobile ready, you can pick 5 or 6 key marketing web pages. These are the landing pages you send to advertising traffic or new visitors to, and in that way you avoid the cost of a whole mobile redesign and still get the benefit of attracting mobile customers.

  • The 5 Most Important Web Design Tips, EVER

    The design of your website is crucial for the success of your business online.

    Let’s talk about the five most important web design tips, ever. Let’s get started.

    First Impression Count

    There are millions of millions of website on the web so if someone comes into your site, its not gonna be anything special to them unless they get a positive reaction when they immidiately get there. Remember that back button is just a click away so make sure you are making a good first impression with your site design.

    Keep It Simple

    It is really easy to get caught up of when to have graphics here and different colors here, but remember keeping it simple is key to making good first impression. Don’t be afraid of white space, don’t be afraid to edit.

    Consistency is Everything

    Now your website of course is the basis of your brand, and thats what you’re building with your online business so make sure that your design, your email channels and your social channels are consistent. Use the same colors, use the same fonts, same logo. Things of that sort, to build a consistent brand experience at any touch point on the web.

    Don’t Make Users Think

    This really ties to #2 which is keeping it simple. The key here is you always have to tell your site visitor where to go and what to do when they get there. So use clean images, use clean call to actions, put buttons on your website, and really make sure that you are driving home the action that you want for your customers to go through.

    Remember, always test, always improve and you’re always testing some more. You may have a new web design and you think its fantastic. But until you see how customers react to it, you will never really know how effective it is. So make sure you’re testing elements. You’re improving it, and you’re testing it again.

  • 3 Basic Types of Logos

    Let’s talk about the types of logos, specifically three.

    First: Typographic Logo
    These logos are typically text only. They’re sometimes called logo types or word marks. Typographic logos can use a hand written style or customized existing fonts with color variations and size. Fedex logo is a great example of this type of logo.

    Second: Symbolic Logo
    The symbolic logo is just a simble with no text. These type of logos usually start out as a combination logo of a symbol and text. The more popular recognizable logo becomes, the text is dropped creating a symbolic logo. Popular car brands are known for doing this like Toyota and Volkswagen. The nike shoes is also a perfect example of a symbolic logo.

    Third: Combination Logo
    This is a logo design with both the text and symbol. The majority of logos around the world fall around this logo type. As mentioned before, some logos may started out as a combination and then transition to a symbolic logo as they become more popular. Starbucks is an awesom example of a logo that balances between text and sybol.

    Remeber, its important for any logo to be memorable and recognizable. Compare your own logo and see what category it falls under. To enhance your business or personal logo, ask yourself these three questions.

    • Is my logo easily recognizable?
    • Does My logo carry visual meaning?
    • Is my logo memorable?

    That’s it! Enhance your business, start with your logo.

  • What Makes A Good Web Design?

    With good web design, less is almost always more. Common mistake is to try to WOW the user. Better to focus on your central message, find quality images. One large quality images going to main page is worth 200 bad images inside. When you design the website its not you whom you want to please, its your users. Its not your website that you want necessarily to impress them but on what you do: the product or the service that you offer. That’s what you want to impress them with good web design is clean, crisp, focused, honest, and sometimes a little unpredictable. Form follows functions.

    Start with the information that you want to convey to the public. Write down, organize it, and then design the website around the information that you want to convey and not the other way around. Variably, so many people starts with the website and they think of it as a finished picture that is perfect within this frame. Whether they build the picture, they think it looks great and then two weeks later they want to add something and they realize they can’t without completely destroying the picture. The lifespan of the average new website is incredibly short, maybe two weeks. Millions and millions of people are opening a website everyday. The majority of them don’t touch again and the website dies and goes down the list. So if you want to keep your website in the top 10 or 20 rankings, update it with valuable information that users will see, be impressed by and then want to come back the first page of your website is far more important visually than all the other pages of your website because that’s the first impression.

    Putting together a website can be very frustrating experience but it also can be very rewarding.

  • WordPress Plugins: Faves

    WordPress plugins is one of the greatest thing that ever happen with WordPress. But first you should consider this, “Do not get crazy downloading WordPress plugins!”

    The more plugins you download, the slower you website is gonna be. You really need to prioritize because all these different functionalities are working at the same time every-time your website loads. The slower it loads the more likely your people are not gonna stick around.

    So, here it goes. The plugins I think you should prioritize first.

    First: Broken Link Checker

    It’s exactly how it sounds. It’s not good to have links that are not working on your website because you know what, if somebody sees a piece of content they like in Google search and its on your website and they go to it and something is not working on that page and they really wanna look into, that’s super annoying. So don’t have any links that aren’t working.

    Second: Tweet To Post

    Again, exactly as it sounds. This is a great plugin to help you get all of your content out there more than just right after you publish it. This is really useful because there may have been a great content you did and you just can’t follow up your radar cause your powering forward with your editorial counter and it will point that out for you automatically on your twitter account.

    Third: WordPress Editorial Counter

    This is a great plugin. It’s integrated seamlessly into your dashboard so you can look at all of your posts and where they are in the calendar. if you think of something that you wanna do in the future, you can create a draft really quickly just by clicking on the calendar. It’s great for getting an overall look of what content you have going out over a period of time.

    That’s it! There are still a lot of useful and great plugins out there that would surely boost your website but again, always remember to download only things that you really needed.

  • How to Make Your WordPress Blog More Google-Friendly : WordPress Tips

    How to make your WordPress blog more Google friendly?
    Are you worried that your WordPress is not having a good relationship with Google ?
    Well, maybe you need to spice that relationship and get a little friendlier with Google!

    So let talk about some few things to make your site more friendlier with Google .

    Google search indexing standards are constantly changing one that your can be sure of is Google doesn’t like being played by internet marketers, trying to make a quick buck by fooling Google ‘s searching engines. With that in mind, there are few key things that you should worry about… always!

    You’ve gotta ensure that there’s always a good content on your site. If you are a pastry chef and blog about donuts, don’t put content related to building houses. That is unless your supplying habitat for humanity with donuts for charity drive. Content should always be relevant, informative and on point.

    Timely Information
    Information has to be timely as well as informative.

    Index Friendly
    You’ve gotta get the right meta description in every page within your site. I would suggest using plugins like yoast WordPress SEO. It automates tons of functions, including helping you make sure your keyword density is in a appropriate indexing level and that your use of h1 and h2 tags is in par with good indexing.

    These are only some of tons of things to talk about keeping your website Google friendly. Watch this video to learn more about it.

  • Why WordPress Is Awesome

    Let’s talk about WordPress and why is it awesome!

    First: Great Comunity

    The WordPress comunity is probably one of the best communities that I’ve ever dealt with. It doesn’t matter if it’s a close source project or open source project, the people in the WordPress comunity are very helpful. They are very kind anbd they’re always there to show you how to do it and do it in the right way.

    Second: More Than a Blog

    One thing you need to think of when you look at WordPress is “Don’t think of it as a blog!” It was written originally as a blog. It was forth from a bloggin piece of software, but its so much more than that. I would say, probably 8 out of 10 sites you visit for day to day basis except big top news sites that are probably running their own software, runs WordPress.

    Third: FREE!

    One other reason why WordPress is so awesome is because its free. A lot of people say “you get what you pay for”, but with WordPress you got so much more than what you pay for. You get it for free and you get everything. You get an awesome community, you get a piece of software that can extend so much further past being a blog, and you did not get to pay a dime for it. The only thing that’s left now is to find some good hosting, throw up a WordPress and begin writing your content.